What We Do

Grayscale offers a wide array of services and manages a variety of engagements. Below is a sample of the types of projects in which we specialize.

Strategic plan development

Strategic planning helps organizations prioritize the most mission-critical activities and establish a roadmap for the future. We help corporate and nonprofit organizations facilitate the most effective processes.

Organizational management

We help organizations build a framework for managing the effect of new business processes, and structural or cultural changes, so that organizational transitions support – and don’t impede – progress.

Nonprofit and corporate leadership counsel

We offer consulting services to help organizations in need of leadership transitions clarify their needs and create roadmaps for effective transitions.

Brand strategy counsel

We provide brand analysis, research and counsel to help organizations understand how to differentiate themselves and their offerings in a competitive marketplace.

Board development

We help corporate and nonprofit boards improve the success of their boards by ensuring the right mix of people, and effective processes and structures.

Compensation assessment and management

We create systems to help ensure that compensation structures and levels are helping attract and retain the most qualified talent.

Career progression counsel

We help executives think through and achieve clarity on the most effective ways to progress in their careers.

Communications agency search and procurement

We help organizations select communications and marketing agencies that are a strong match for their needs and culture.

Development and fundraising strategy

For nonprofits, we develop cultivation plans, recruit donors and grow relationships to foster a culture of philanthropy among communities.

Who We Help

Grayscale counsels a wide range of leaders in many industries.

Corporate CEOs and other executive leaders

Corporate leaders face more pressure than ever to solve complex issues, attract and retain top talent, and improve. We work with executives to help realize enduring results, from strategy to execution.

Nonprofit organization boards and leaders

We offer a range of consulting services to enhance the effectiveness of boards and leaders, and improve their ability to successfully lead their organizations.

Professional and trade association leaders

We provide innovative ways for professional and trade associations to improve efficiency, generate revenue, and manage their operations.

Business service firms’ leaders

We drive business performance by providing insights that organizations need to make better decisions about talent, structures and systems.

Senior executives in career transition

Career transitions can be difficult. We provide the highest level of counseling and support to help executives reinvent their careers and establish new paths forward for future work.